How Records Storage Simplifies Record Retention

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Some might picture a document storage service only as a place to store old file boxes. But the value extends beyond just freeing up extra space. At storage facilities, your boxes are labeled with barcodes that not only provide a way to securely monitor your records, but also an option to track the boxes by retention time.

Watch the video below or read this transcript to find out how you can easily manage record retention with an off-site storage service.

Video Transcript

Record retention is interwoven with records storage by taking a few steps during the storage process:

  1. As you collect documents and fill up boxes, start by organizing file boxes based on their retention times.
  2. When your boxes are stored, they’re labeled with a barcode that can be used to group boxes and help providers set up a retention schedule for your documents.
  3. While in storage, you can use web portals to monitor your file inventory, check on or set up retention schedules, and receive notifications when you’re reaching the end of retention times.
  4. Once retention times are up and you’ve given your approval, old documents can be shredded by the storage provider using an in-house industrial shredder or a partner shredding provider. For assurance of secure shredding, formal certificates of destruction are also provided.

Organizing by Retention Time

Before pickup, separate and organize boxes of records based on retention times.

Categorizing boxes ahead of time helps not just to simplify setting up retention, but also ensures files aren’t accidentally stored at storage facilities for too long.

Using Barcode Labels to Track Retention

Barcode labeling systems are used to track boxes and allow you to simplify monitoring retention periods.

Using barcode tracking systems, providers can create and offer access to web portals where you can view and manage your record inventory.

Using a Web Portal to Monitor Retention

A primary benefit of having barcode labels is the ability to access a web-based user portal to track boxes and their retention times. Web portal benefits include:

  • Ability to view and manage full document inventory
  • Barcode indexing and tracking for retention periods
  • Notifications for upcoming retention dates

What Happens Once Retention Times Expire?

After retention periods are up, storage providers can also handle shredding your expired files using an on-site industrial shredder or a partner provider.

To ensure documents are securely shredded, certificates of destruction are provided and kept on file so you can see where, when, and what was shredded, as well as provide proof of legal compliance if necessary.

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