Benefits of Document Management Retrieval Services

Free quotes on document management, document storage, and moreOff-site document storage is a very useful service that you can use to help increase productivity and the workflow of your company.

It gives you a way to easily and securely store records and documents that are critical to your business- especially when you have archival or historical files that aren’t quite at the end of their appropriate retention time.

When Should I Be Utilizing Off-Site Storage?

You can also use off-site storage when you have a lot of files that you need to store and access regularly. A great example might be a law firm or doctor’s office. When you have thousands (or tens of thousands) of documents on site at your location, our guess is that they take up one or more file/storage rooms—plus, you need one (or more) employees on staff to retrieve, re-file, copy and maintain them.

If you add the cost of onsite storage and the time it takes your employees to find and re-file those documents, the costs might just outweigh the benefits. They provide a secure pickup, delivery and off-site storage system to help you maintain and access your files easier.

By offering several types of retrieval services, your company has the ability to access files whenever you need them. This eliminates the need to store your documents at your office or send an employee off into the file room to find that one critical document you need.

Why you should use Document Management Retrieval

Document management services offer several different types of delivery options that fit for any business workflow. They have the ability to customize document retrieval for your specific needs so that it feels like you just asked an employee to walk into the other room to grab that file for you.

Retrieval services can be requested based on the timeliness that you need something, whether it’s the next day, that same day, or as quickly as possible, a courier will be on their way. If there’s an emergency, you have access to your documents 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Every document storage facility maintain a strict chain of custody throughout the retrieval and delivery process to ensure the confidentiality and privacy of your documents. They’re stored in a secure, climate-controlled environment, so there’s very little risk of internal document management issues like a breach, misplacing documents, or misfiling anything.

Off-site document management is a cost-effective, secure, and easy way to free up office space, increase your employee’s productivity, and streamline your document management plan. Choosing the right facility and service that fits your needs and requirements can be difficult—but our experts can help you find the right local company that can provide the level of service and security for your business.

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