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Document Destruction Services in Oklahoma CityDocument destruction is a critical aspect of any document management cycle. Old files need to be disposed of to avoid a cluttered mess of materials, but you can’t throw sensitive business information into the dumpster behind your office.

Our secure destruction partners use several advanced techniques to ensure your files and data is destroyed beyond a doubt.

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Document Shredding Services in Oklahoma City, OK

Shredding documents is a longstanding means of destroying old files. This destruction service has withstood the test of time because it works.

Our destruction partners offer secure shredding options and can do the shredding at your location or at an offsite facility. Our experts can:

  • Set up a schedule for weekly, monthly, or annual shredding services
  • Clean up your storage room and dispose of all files past their retention period
  • Clean up your storage room before you start a scanning project to shred (or store) your expired files
  • Shred your documents after they have been scanned

Shredding is an effective way to ensure the security of your old office files. Protect your customers, you employees, and your business with help from our local shredding professionals.

Hard Drive Shredding and Degaussing Services in Oklahoma City

Hard drives and other electronic devices that store personal or confidential data require physical destruction to ensure the safety of that information.

Make sure you don’t accidentally leak sensitive business information will help from any of the following hard drive and electronic media destruction services:

  • Hard Drive Crushing – we punch a hole through the center of your hard drive, shattering the platter and destroying your information
  • Hard Drive Degaussing – we set a high-powered magnet against your hard drive which scrambles your data, making it totally indecipherable
  • Hard Drive Shredding – we send your hard drives through an industrial shredder built to shred metal and hard plastic pieces to bits

Every data destruction service is completely secure. Call us today to find a local provider for the service you are interested in.

Incineration Services in Oklahoma City

Green incineration is a relatively new form on waste destruction. Waste-to-Energy plants incinerate waste products and turn the resulting heat into energy that is fed into the grid.

This is one of the most environmentally responsible ways to destroy expired files and data, and these plants can handle all types of materials, including:

  • Products
  • Media
  • Paper
  • Backup Tapes
  • And more!

The incineration process is throughout and eco-friendly. It offers the same secure chain-of-custody as all other destruction services and utterly destroys your expired information.

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Destroying sensitive data is a must for any company. There are federal and Oklahoma state laws requiring businesses to take every precaution against leaking private information of customers and employees.

Our secure destruction professionals take every job seriously and always put your privacy first. Call us at (405) 708-7230 or fill out the form on the page to get free quotes from several of our local providers.

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