Document Shredding & Destruction Pleasanton, CA

Shredding services are available with Record Nations Pleasanton to protect your private and business information. Our shredding experts use specialized shredding equipment to safely dispose of your documents and hard drives. We have a network of reliable providers throughout Pleasanton and the surrounding areas.

Give us a call at (925) 415-5065 or fill out the form to learn more about your shredding options. We offer a variety of services to meet your size, budgetary, and security needs. Prevent a security breach and abuse of your valuable information with document shredding and destruction services today.

Pleasanton Document Shredding Services

Legal compliance is a big factor for businesses looking at shredding services. Record Nations partners with certified and compliant companies to take the guessing out of selecting a reliable company. Our shredding services fulfill HIPAA, FACTA, and other legal regulations regarding the proper disposal of personal information.

We offer a variety of shredding services. Our options include:

  • Mobile shredding: We come directly to you to complete your shredding at your curb. It is convenient, secure, and affordable. Mobile services allow you to witness the shredding process in person. 
  • Off site shredding: We pick up your documents and deliver them to a local shredding facility for destruction. Offsite services are best for large projects.
  • Drop off locations: We have many locations throughout Pleasanton and that can be used at your convenience. Drop off services are best for small projects.

Shredding services not only protect your information, but they make it easier to maintain retention dates and dispose of old paperwork as needed. Shredding can also be paired with scanning and storage services to dispose of non-critical documents.

Pleasanton Hard Drive Shredding and Degaussing

Electronics are widely used in business today. All of your devices collect and store files, passwords, and private information. Protect that information from falling into the wrong hands with hard drive shredding and degaussing. Our destruction services destroy your hard drives to make recovery of your data impossible.

Safely dispose of your electronic media using one of the following methods:

  • Hard Drive Shredding: This method is the most secure option for destroying hard drives. It uses exhaustive methods to take apart your devices, shred the pieces, and recycle the remaining fragments.
  • Hard Drive Degaussing: This method uses machines with powerful magnets to scramble your files into unrecognizable data. It makes your data nearly impossible to recover.  
  • Hard Drive Crushing: This method crushes and pokes holes into your drives. It shatters the platters, making your data irretrievable. 

Pleasanton Incineration Services

Incineration is a destruction method that uses heat and fire to instantly dispose of your documents and media. It is faster than traditional methods and more environmentally-conscious. We complete the process in our waste-to-energy facilities. Incineration complies with the National Security Agency and the Department of Defense regarding the destruction of classified media.

We offer the following incineration options:

  • Paper incineration
  • Media incineration
  • Product incineration
  • Backup incineration

Get Free Quotes on Destruction Services in Pleasanton

Documents and devices thrown in the trash become public property once your trash can hits the curb. It is your responsibility to make sure that your information is destroyed, so it cannot be accessed and stolen. Call Record Nations Pleasanton at (925) 415-5065 or fill out the form to connect with local destruction and shredding providers. They will send you free quotes within minutes.

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