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Going paperless has many advantages:
*Crucial for disaster recovery
*Instantly available
*Completely portable
*Virtual elimination of lost & misfiled documents
*Eliminates file room space
*Eliminates the cost & hassle of file retrieval from off-site storage

Our Areas Of Expertise:
Basic Services:

File Preparation
All the file preparation required for scanning is taken care of for you. This includes staple and binding removal, jogging files for proper alignment, and irregular sized page handling. There are no files too big or awkward for us to handle.

We use high speed, high volume scanners to scan your files into unmodifiable electronic format. We can accommodate any volume project.

Once your files have been scanned, we deliver your files in batches at the interval you determine (daily, weekly, or monthly). Each batch is delivered onto a USB Thumb Drive. CD/DVD are available options also.

Premium Services:

Indexing/OCR and FTP
Once you specify which indexing fields you would like to use for searching your files, we manually key in those fields for each file into your hosted database.

We can also upload batches to your secure FTP site.

Areas Served:
Greater Los Angeles, Orange County & Riverside