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AIM helps companies increase their productivity and streamline collaborative efforts. Instead of having to run to the file room or send for documents in storage, you will have access to your documents within seconds. Whether you're working internally, externally, or globally, ARC's AIM platform gives you control over who has access to what information.

With a growing portfolio of tools and services that lower the cost of using documents, increase efficiency and boost productivity throughout your organization, our technology solutions can be bundled and customized to address most any business need or challenge.

Our Areas Of Expertise:
Work at the speed of digital! We can scan your paper and digital data into information and your information into business knowledge. Most companies have data hidden away in warehouses, cabinets, network shares, and desktops that represents thousands of hours of work and valuable information. Instead of sitting unmanaged in storage or on employee computers, this intellectual property could be used to reduce costs, increase productivity, reduce risk and improve efficiency.
ARC’s Archiving and Information Management solution not only gives you the power to easily search and manage the intelligence in your documents, but it also provides many other measurable benefits:

Areas Served:
Local office in Columbia, Maryland.

ARC Document Solutions has 190 Locations Nation Wide.

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